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Room on the Broom

So last weekend I was wandering through the children's books in Target looking for book for my friend Rachel's baby shower when I came across Room on the Broom (click here to check it out on Amazon).  As I stood in the aisle reading, idea's came steadily flowing into my head about ways I could use this book in my class.

If you know anything about my digital products you know I stick to games and activities that can easily be incorporated into centers.  I've never tried a book companion before.  I've also never purchased clipart.  I use whatever I can draw out myself.  So this is a whole new venture for me and I'm SO pleased with the way it turned out!

This companion is 46 pages with both literacy and math activities.  Common core standards are included in each section.

The literacy activities include:
-rhyming word game with a recording sheet
-readers theatre with puppets
-2 writing prompts about monsters and friendship
-2 worksheets that include word searches, ABC ordering, and a maze
-2 word building activities

The math activities include:
-place value matching game with recording sheet
-number puzzles students can practice counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, & 10's
-number word matching game with recording sheet

There are 9 separate activities in this packet with multiple versions of several activities to help provide differentiation.  If I were to price out each activity individually they would cost at least $14.00 but you can get them all in this packet for ONLY $8.00!  Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I know I like to test before I invest sometimes so I'm providing you with this story map FOR FREE! Say what?!
Click here to download this story map for FREE!
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