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Last week my blog updates were SUPER long due to a little blog-slacking.  This week I'll keep it short and sweet!

You're welcome.

So our book of the month for November is Pigsty by Mark Teague.  This weekend I created a few activities to help me teach it this month.  They've just been uploaded to TpT in a pack titled Pigsty Literacy and Math Companion.  Click the title to check it out!

There are 4 literacy activities and a craft.  Students will write about a text to text connection they can make to the story and write/draw about 4 ways they can be responsible.  Students will also be able to practice word building, ABC order, do a word search and a maze along with put together the pig craft and complete a writing prompt about how they can keep their school from becoming a pigsty!

In the math section you will find 4 math bingo games where students practice adding or subtracting 1 or 10 to the card they draw.  There are 1/2 page 100's charts to assist students in correctly finding +/- 1 or 10!

Finally, there is a freebie in the "Download Preview" section!

I've discovered that Pigsty is a great book for teaching your students about responsibility and the importance of keeping your desk, classroom, school, and home (BEDROOM!) clean!  If you plan on reading this book or talking about responsibility with your students please consider checking out my Literacy and Math Companion!

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