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"Time" for Fishing: Games and Worksheets

Finished just in the nick of time!

I started this unit last summer and was only able to find the motivation to finish it when I actually needed some fresh activities to help my students grasp telling time.

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All games and worksheets are black line masters and there are 6 colorful posters to display to help students with measures of time vocabulary.  In this pack you will find:

-3 Fishing games
-3 "I have, Who has?" games
-3 Time bingo games
-1 Make your own clock printable
-1 Can you find the time game
-6 Worksheets
-6 Colorful time posters

All activities and games include separate sets for time to the hour, half-hour, and every 5 minutes.

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In the "Download Preview" you will find these 2 FREEBIES:

It's "time" for fishing so check it out today!

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