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My name is Jessica, the Teacher Author behind The Curious Catfish.
I love to create and share my idea's with teachers around the world. My goal is to create resources that are innovative, inexpensive, easy to implement, and engaging for students! 
Here are a few facts about me!

This year I was chosen by my peers & administration to represent our school as Teacher of the Year.  

What an incredible honor!

I got to work on the essays for the district selection and made it to the top five finalists for the District Teacher of the Year. Talk about shock and awe! After panel interviews and observations I attended the TOY ceremony where they announced that I will represent our whole school district as the 2017 Clay County Teacher of the Year at the Florida Department of Education Teacher of the Year Roundtable and Gala. 

Celebrating with my class!
The 'love notes' and congratulations from my students were the best part!

It was truly one of the most incredible and humbling moments of my life and I'm so proud to represent my peers and my county on a state level. 
What an amazing experience!

Each year my best friends and I pack up and travel together. There's nothing like a getaway with your closest friends! I'm so thankful for genuine friendships and the adventures we experience together!

Day trip to Jax Beach

The Ice Plant, St. Augustine Florida 
 If you're ever in St. Augustine check out The Ice Plant Bar located in an actual Ice Plant from 1927. It's a great place to grab lunch or cool off with an amazing drink!

Asheville, NC
Quick trip full of concerts, amazing food, white water rafting, lots of laughs and an ear-ache from cliff diving! If you're looking for an adventure on the water in the Asheville area I'd suggest Blue Heron Whitewater  located in Marshall on the French Broad River.

USWNT Victory Tour!
A little Sunday morning stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge!
Brooklyn Heights Promenade
Our first night exploring NYC together #tiredlegs #tripofalifetime
Kinky Boots on Broadway, yes please!
Cruise to the Bahamas for a friends Bachelorette! 
Savannah, Georgia
Checking into one of many weekends in Savannah. 
You know things are going to get weird when you check in with a water gun full of Fireball.

Love weekends away with my best friends!

I love living the Florida life! I was born in Maryland but my parents (who met in the Army and switched to Navy) were transferred down here when I was still a baby. I've lived here my whole life minus a few years for University. My favorite Florida activities include hunting for shark teeth, floating in the pool, kayaking, and hiking

My first 3 shark teeth, I became addicted!
Big haul!
There are a lot of great places around Florida to find shark teeth!

I love spending time on or in the water!
Kayaks in the backyard.
Christmas Day kayaking! 
Backyard views.
Water games!
I studied Journalism for four years at Indiana University.

Bloomington in the fall, so beautiful!
The Sample Gates
That's right, I'm not an Education major. I was lucky enough to stumble into my life's passion through the back door. I worked hard (and never stopped) to earn a minor in Education during my first three years. I've worked with so many educators that inspired me and set me on the right path (as well as some that modeled what kind of teacher I DON'T want to be, we all know those people ;) so I always look for opportunities to mentor new educators and support them the way I was lucky enough to be supported. Pay it forward!

I'm currently incredibly inspired by STEM. I've been making book companions with STEM challenges for a while now and I've started a line of quick challenges called Minute to STEM it!
A love for Growth Mindset has been growing in my heart as well. A few years ago, before I knew what Growth Mindset was, a student told me that her teacher told her class that my students were smarter than they are. Seriously, some people have no business working with children. The girl asked me "Do you think that's true?" I told her that smart isn't knowing all the answers. Smart is showing up everyday and working hard to find all the answers. She said, "I do that!" I said, "Exactly."

I want to instill that mindset in each of my students so that no matter who tries to tear them down, another teacher, parent, sibling, or peer; they are confident of their worth and ability.

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